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A year of rest and rejuvenation

Dec 31, 2019

2020 Card is the Four of Swords

Four of Swords
Artist: Jayde Hilliard
Website: www.jaydehilliard.com

Four of Swords says you have a negotiating mind – the meditating mind which is flexible, committed to staying in balance and non – positional. Maintain balance on all four levels – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Move through these conflicting issues and resolve them. Stabilize yourself – rest and take this time to think of new plans. Your dreams will come true but you must wait. Things are changing – prepare your mind and make your plans. Give yourself time – this situation is getting better. There is no hurry now – consider this a convalescent period, a time to renew both your physical and mental energies and establish your thoughts.

Be willing now to face the issues, pay attention and tell the truth. Do not be concerned with the outcome, for it will be as it was meant to be. Establish your own sense of order and harmony. Build a solid foundation upon which you can expand. Withdrawal can lead to healing – allowing you to recoup your strength by holding back from the fight until there is a better chance to win and giving yourself time to recover from deep hurt and wounding. However, withdrawal – even for the purpose of recovery – can shut a person off from the world, creating a kind of spell that only an outside energy can break. Has your confident mask grown too heavy? Have you responded to your difficulties by isolating yourself – preferring to hide from the world rather than show your other side or try to work with people, flattening your emotional reactions and trying to hide them deep inside yourself?

A well-centered mentality – mental stability, reliability. A centering of thoughts before going on – mental foundation. An introspective turn of the mind, but not in the sense of the Hermit. A break in the “affairs of the day” so that you may soon return refreshed and ready to “do battle” again. Here is the completion of mental projects – graduations/certifications. A strong sense of your identity and self-worth. Planning, fundamental understanding – rationality, practicality, facts, objectivity, order – a need for cleanliness, discipline, obedience, law, control, self – confidence and patience.


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