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May 30, 2006


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Lauren Ravenstar
BellaOnline’s New Age Editor
Letting Go
Sometimes when we want something badly we can push it away by holding on too hard. Letting go is an important lesson for many of us.Have you ever set your sights on a specific outcome? Not a wish, like the desire to be in a loving relationship, or live in a comfortable house, but a specific i.e. a relationship with ‘that person’ or owning ‘that house’? Or have you tried to hang on to a relationship, house or job that is stale and no longer holds any joy?

Letting go allows flow & without flow there can be no change. Life is always flowing and changing. When you become rigid and set in your expectations & needs you block the flow of your life & part of your psyche stagnates.

We often try to ‘keep everything the same’ because change can feel threatening and leave us feeling vulnerable, however in reality nothing stays the same. Everything in life is in the process of becoming more vibrant & alive or more stagnant & decayed, more yin or more yang. We need to recognise that like a pint of milk everything has a ‘sell-by’ date. What happens when you buy milk? For the first few days it is lovely & fresh. Then if you forget about it & find it in your refrigerator a fortnight later how does it smell? Do you decide to hang onto it now? Of course not! Some things are only meant to last a day or two, others a year, some decades, but eventually everything must be released back to the Universe. Learning to let go allows the old energy to leave your life & makes space for fresh new opportunities to enter.

Stop for a moment now & ask yourself, ‘What or whom have I been holding onto?’

Clingy energy is unattractive energy & can literally push helpful people and opportunities away. If you can relax your hold you will know that the people in your life are there because they want to be. The old adage is that if you let someone go and they come back to you they are yours, if not then they were never truly yours in the first place.

Fixing your intention too narrowly allows the Universe no space to come in and work its magic. You become rigid and fixed in what is acceptable to you. In doing so you could be closing doors to other opportunities just as good or much better than those you have focussed on. Manifesting is an important skill in helping to achieve the things you want, but the final element of any manifestation has to be to step back, let go & allow the Universe to take over.

How many of us trying to ‘Push the River’? In our fear that the Universe will not provide we try to move things along faster. This approach can leave you exhausted. Sometimes the best job for you isn’t there right now, or the right partner hasn’t yet crossed your path. There is Divine timing at work in the world and our frantic attempts to make it all happen quickly and soon can really get in the way of synchronicity.

Instead try ‘Going with the Flow’. See where the current of life is leading you. It is a relaxed approach, there is no struggle, rather there is trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Each day trust that a new part of your story will emerge.

Ask yourself where in your life can you relax your hold & let go?


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