• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

An earth day ritual in my classroom

Today, I had my students create a ritual for Earth Day…
And I’m sure I could get into TONS of trouble… ;)

Oh well.. It was under a different “guise” so I think I’ll be okay. I mean, it IS a native american community. :) (also, I did offer a different option to those who weren’t comfortable with creating a ritual for Earth Day)

Anyway, I just wanted to share this one, that a student wrote. I was very impressed, and it may have great potential with a few, minute changes…

Earth Day Ritual

Every Earth Day, a child must plant a tree in order to “grow” into an adult. This ritual begins when the child reaches the age of 10 and continues until they reach 21, adulthood.

Each year, the child is given a baby tree, to be planted in a row. This row is usually located somewhere special to the child. The child is dressed in a special outfit, a gown for a girl and a pant-suit for a boy. The child has to take the tree, water and a shovel and anything else needed to help plant the tree. No one is allowed to help.

When the child plants the tree, it is making a commitment to the tree to return the next year to plant another one. By the time the child reaches 21, they should have 11 trees planted and living healthy. If they do this successfully, they are now adults. If any less than 11 trees survive, they must keep on returning and planting more until 11 have been successfully planted and are growing strong.

Once this happens, this not only symbolizes adulthood, but it also helps Mother Earth as well.


What a beautiful ritual. Not bad for a non-pagan student, eh? :)
Somedays, I remember why I love teaching so much. Just the innocence, of such an assignment, even in a 11th grade class, can promote such glorious things, and perhaps, a little twinkle in the back of a mind or two, to be open to things as they “grow” and progress through this challenge called life.

Well, that was just one that I’ve read so far. I may get an inkling to share more… ;)

Happy Earth Day, one and all!!!

Blessed Be!!


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