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An email with multifaceting meanings

Nov 9, 2010

I sent this to my parents today…

Wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but I certainly was hoping for help:

Dear Mom and Dad,

For what it’s worth, I forgive you. The past 3 years have been hell financially. I haven’t been able to do things for Kevin that you were able to do for Drew and I, but I made it this far. I was able to feed him, keep him warm, clothed and safe and happy. I have provided in-home entertainment and spoiled him above and beyond myself. Fortunately, I’ve never been able to do the things you did for Drew and I, so Kevin does not know what he missed. (But *I* sure do and I hate myself every day for not being able to do it for Kevin.)

3 years ago I asked for help and it was denied. And I forgive you for that. I understand you were wanting to teach me a lesson.

But after 3 years of struggling and nearly one full year of no help from the Bank of Mom and Dad, the summer heat has destroyed the last tendril of hope I had of ever getting out of this financial bind. We are starting the 3rd year of a pay freeze, and I have not received a raise and am still making barely 42k. According to bankruptcy sites, I guess I’m below the means for poverty.

I got served court papers today and I’m being sued for over 6k of my bills.  Even tho I retained a debt settlement program and by default a lawyer, they do not protect me when a bank does not agree to the terms. So, I have court on Dec 7th and I guess at that point, when I tell them I don’t have the money, I don’t know what will happen. I’m rather scared. I will make arrangements with Michael and Kevin can go live with him.

If there is any possibility to revisit that loan that I wanted three years ago, a loan through the Ellsworth bank, not the bank of Mom and Dad, it would be greatly appreciated.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what will happen. I”m sure that if they don’t arrest me, they will garnish my wages. As an adult, I can live on rice / Ramon, etc, but I cannot expect that of Kevin, so he will go live with his Dad so that he can continue his education at TCS, which I feel is the best thing for him.

If you wish to see the court documents, you can download them from here:

No matter what happens, I’m strong enough to say I forgive you. You have done what you have always thought was best and I could never begrudge you that.

I love you,


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