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An evil para, why does she hate me?

May 9, 2002 #evil, #karma, #para, #spy, #students

The Truth is out there… and I found it!

And she is a para.
She comes to my class to help my hearing impared students. She takes notes, and just sits there like a lump.
And SHE is the one who destroyed my career at this particular school.

(For more info on this, visit my 7 April 2002 journal.)

Anyway, She was one of the Vice-Principal’s original students many many years ago.
No WONDER the VP knew I wasn’t teaching exactly like her.

Oh, by the way, it was this same lady Para who helped destroy another teacher here, who left last fall. nuf said

I understand now. They want just LOCAL teachers and people from this school to teach at this school. I would never have fit in. Ever. This para wants to go back to school and become an English teacher. I guess she only has two years left. I wish her the best… and the worst students… *eg*

OH well, just wanted to share my little discovery.

Oh, may I say that I NEVER want a para in my classroom until I am tenured. THEN, we can talk about it….

AH well…

If she meant well, all is well. If she meant harm, may her Karma come back and haunt her.

Goddess, Give me strength!

Blessed Be!!


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