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Anger Spell

Jan 25, 2010

Anger is an emotion that, put to good use, can actually be beneficial.  However, if you’re like me, perhaps you have a tendency to stuff your anger down until it eats at you, or maybe you let it get to you so badly that you blow up at innocent bystanders.  Here is a spell you can do to help you transform your anger energy from something hard, cold, or unmoving into something life-giving (and work off the stress in the process).

What You Need:  a glass, ice cubes, a plant bought specifically for this spell that you can water, an exercise tape, a smudge stick, your angry bad-ass self.

Do The Spell:

1.  Create sacred space for yourself by casting circle.  Ask your personal God or Goddess or spirit guides to assist you with the release and transformation of your anger.

2.  Take an ice cube in your hands.  Feel the cold burn your skin, feel its hard shape and know that your anger burns and sits within you, keeping you frozen in this moment, unable to move on.

3.  Name the ice cube as something with which you are angry.  Do not call the ice cube by a person’s name, a company’s name, or anything that has an actual identity outside you.  Your anger is personal.  Your anger is you.  Name the ice cube as “my frustration with the situation with so-and-so” or “my anger at my work conditions”, always owning the anger.  What you are seeking to banish is your internal negativity to situations you cannot control.  Be sure to name the ice cube appropriately.

4.  Drop each ice cube you name into the glass (or small bowl if you need more than a glassful of cubes — I hope not!).  Once you have named the cubes, notice that the ice (your anger) has already begun to transform into a new state, simply by you giving it your attention.

5.  Pop in the exercise tape or DVD.  Lift weights.  Dance to music.  Do yoga.  Feel the hard energy of the anger begin to burn off as you exercise.  Watch the ice melt even faster as your exertions heat up the room.  As you release your stress and tension, watch your anger transform from cold, hard ice to life-giving water, knowing that your emotions are also flowing again, that your temper is now cool but not cold with bitter anger.

6.  When all the ice is melted, take the bowl in your hands and ask for the blessings of your God/dess or your spirit guides that your anger not return to you, that your transformed energetic emotion be used for the purposes of life.  Imagine white light filling the glass or bowl, removing the last traces of negativity from the water, completing the last step of alchemical transformation.

7.  Water your plant.  Give life to something instead of taking your own life away through perpetuated anger and frustration.  Repeat this exercise as often as you need in order to process the emotion.  As your plants thrive, remember that anger in itself is not a bad emotion — it is energy like anything else.  You have used yours in a constructive way, releasing and transforming it so that the energy might give further creation instead of destruction.


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