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Aphrodite’s Explanation to Thorik

Oct 24, 2008 #aphrodite, #corkyy, #thorik


With Corkyy, she was twisting everything I said, misinterpretting me after I explained something several times and most of all, making up lies! I’ve been watching her from the sidelines since I got back to MO and my open eyes began to see what you told me for several years; “she’s playing you”.

I finally go to the point where I will no longer be played, used, manipulated. She tried to put words in my mouth. Lastly, I will certainly will not be spoken to out of respect, which she picked up again after she thought she was “comfortable” around me again.

On top of that she needs to get her priorities straight and no matter how much I tried to help her, (and yes, only when asked) she still didn’t listen. She’s living in the past and I choose not to go there. I forgot it for a reason, yet she decided to throw it in my face, again and again and each day she failed, she tried again the following day until she finally got under my skin enough.

She’s using everyone that she can to get everyone to pay for all her problems and still have her “independence.” Again, I informed her the day she moved out, that means she became responsible for her own bills.

With Em, she was being persistent about the funds, when was I going to pick them up, when was I going to get the bed, etc. I don’t answer to her either. Then to ask for the receipt was like saying “I don’t trust you”, so I was out of the money thing if that was her attitude. That was one issue, it’s over with, now it’s behind us. Aside from that it was over Corkyy, so I don’t see how that should affect anything between Em and I.

Hope things are going well there. I didn’t want to bring this up with your upcoming handfasting, but you asked, so I’m just answering your question. Please don’t take any offense to anything that was said. Understand I was just being thorough.

Have a good day my friend,



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