• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023


These are my articles which introduced me to who I am and what I feel.
I started general, with a story on paganism, then I got a little more specific.
I offered many forms of contact so other religions could contact me if they wanted.
Unfortunately, no one did, so my series only had Three stories.
I was wanting to do a story on Druidism, but no one came forward, so unfortunately, that story never materialized.

In the Wiccan article, I interviewed Leah Diehl. Leah was already a friend of mine, and she introduced me to people who were willing to be interviewed.
They were all such wonderful people. I would love to get into contact with them, my email is kiersten29@yahoo.com

 Living in harmony:
Pagans seek peaceful existence with nature, one another and themselves through magick

 A walk on the Wiccan side
Students express spirituality through ancient, secret practice of witchcraft

 The art of Shamanism Magic, therapy provide basis for shamanism

Oh, the titles are not mine, the editor wrote these titles! ;)
But I wrote these stories myself, as a college student.
And, I am not an artist, but the drawings on these pages
I thought were great!

The people I interviewed insisted that magick be spelled
with a K. :)
If anyone out there has written for a newspaper,
you will know how HARD it was to convince the editor
that this was what was correct!