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Bathroom ritual

Sep 6, 2002 , , ,

Last night I performed the first ritual in a long time. (Déjà vu’ right?)

It seems that I keep making come backs… or something… ;) I know, I should stop with the clichés but they can be such fun!!!

Oh well.

It was nothing important or special. Rather like last time, it was a ritual of thanks and cleansing where I called the corners in the bathroom and took a nice, long, hot bath. I basically thanked the Goddess for everything that is going well in my life, from my new job, to the health of my family, and just simply for my family and friends. It was good. Maybe it is the start I needed to get back into the swing of it, or maybe it was just a simple reaffirmation of my love to the Goddess.

I still wish I had a place outdoors where I could celebrate my love for the Goddess and I think until I truly have one, I still will not be able to feel right. Perhaps now that my guests are gone, I can go back to using the computer room for my rituals, but still….

Time will tell…

Blessed Be!


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