• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Bernie Sanders will never be president

No matter how great he is, no matter if suddenly he changed his opinion and become a straight-laced republican, no matter WHAT his stand is on any subject.

And dammit, I’ll say it now, if he makes it thru the primaries and becomes the Democratic candidate, I will vote for him..

even tho I think he’d make a great president
even tho I think he’d do things better than some of the others.. even Hilary…
even tho I think a lot of people really like him and would want him to be president…

He won’t be president..

because if you look at history since the dawn of the TV age..
only the pretty people become president..

because, seriously, who wants to look at Bernie Sanders for 4 (or 8) years?



Prove me wrong..

But on a positive note, along these lines, Trump will never be president.. so I’ll call it, if Bush makes it thru the primaries.. We’ll have another President Bush.



I just realized he will be 75 years old at election time next fall….


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