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Beyond from Conscious Co-Creating

Mar 15, 2011 #you

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Give yourself permission to lift the tariff.
Release the imposed taxes you put upon yourself that say you ‘can’t’.
Let go of that part that says you can’t be, say, do whatever you need to.
Remove the black and white, the man-made rules that implement the hands-tied phenomenon.
Remember, on a deep enough level that you live it, that there is enough. Enough time, energy, abundance.  Enough love.  Enough of everything to go around, and that you have total access to it all, always, and right now.
You have, right within your fingertips, right within your heart, everything you need.
Release the need to care about what anyone thinks.
Release the limitations, the judgments, the guidelines, the overlays, the dramas to play into, and just be.
Just for today.  Just for right now. And then a little more as you’re ready.
You hold the key.
You are the ever-lasting.
And everything and everyone is all perfectly aligned for you to breath into the most infinite possibilities of the greatest You you could ever imagine.
Paint your masterpiece, the masterpiece of you, as you go.  One stroke at a time. And watch the beauty unfold.
There is no need to make anything different. But as you begin to see things differently, so too will shift your world, and your experience.
Until this life that you are living begins to form into greatness, into vastness.
And everything you thought was important, like coloring within the lines and playing it safe, become silly to you in a way that you would not have imagined just a short time before.
Within, there are no borders or boundaries.
Within becomes without, becomes your whole world, your whole experience, as you begin to shake away what no longer serves and step beyond the veil.
Beyond is where you long to be. It is the place that dreams are made of and peace resides.
Taste the bliss of residence in the eternal by setting yourself free from what confines you, from what distracts you from your hearts desire and deters you from the kiss of joy.
One step now will bring you closer.
And in the next moment, you can drink in another sip, washing away the need for the illusion. Clearing from your eyes the mist of a long-ago story that is ready to be transformed into a fairytale from fable.
And you become, just a little more aligned, just a little more content, just a little more your Self.
And this is a gift, that you have gifted you…in the moment that you choose another way.

Be love.


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