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BOS still missing

Jan 18, 2001 #belief, #friend, #gift, #pagan

Still no luck finding my BOS… I probably need to look harder…

Anyway, there is this lady that I work with. I’ve been wondering for a while now if she is a pagan. She is very Earthy and such. When she decorated for Christmas, one of her lights was in the shape of a pentacle. (Christmas lights on ceiling, circle with star) Then, for Christmas, she got me this gorgeous ceramic candle holder. There is a girl on it next to a swan. The girl’s necklace is a painted gold star. In her hair and on her dress are other golden stars. She has a rope belt around her waiste. Absolutely gorgeous. I wasn’t expecting a gift from her, and certainly not one of this caliber. I have NEVER let on to my beliefs (I work in a school) and I want to find out if she is a pagan, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.

I guess I will give it time. Perhaps the goddess will show me the way or give me a sign.

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