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Bubbles on the Breeze (for my son… gotta get a print)

Jun 22, 2006
As I lay dreaming on a summer night,
I saw a fairy goddess
Blowing bubbles out upon the breeze.
Each one had a different scene,
A different choice or path
With no limits to their adventures.
And in my dreamlife
I had the courage to try changes,
Find again the hope and freedom
That I had when I was younger.
A flying ship was above an ocean,
Pegasus flying to other worlds;
Other lives called to me,
New chances for the unknown.
In my dreams I could let go
Of the fear that kept me locked
Inside the walls of my mind,
And pulled me back from living.
I stepped inside a bubble,
Flying on Pegasus above the clouds
Into the Greece of long ago
Where heroes went on quests,
And Chiron the centaur
Taught them wondrous lessons.
Then I took the magic ship’s helm
And flew above the oceans,
Visiting many unknown lands…
Fighting pirates with my crew,
Feeling salt spray upon my face.
Then the bubbles popped,
And I was home in my familiar bed
In my quiet, monastic room;

And the salt water upon my face
Was tears, that it was just a dream.

© Copyright 6/21/06
Beth Clare Johnson (Mystic Amazon)


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