May 21, 2015 Astrology


by Ines Sulj

Mercury has just gone retrograde again. This time in Gemini, the sign it rules.Planet Mercury

All the planets, except Sun and Moon, go in apparent backward motion from time to time, yet the Mercury retrograde seems to be the most famous one. Almost everyone knows about it, including the people who know nothing about astrology and those who don’t even believe in it.… read more

I am Beaver .. LOL

It’s pretty damn accurate!! :)


Persistent, eccentric, and romantic, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Beaver are hard workers who prefer to create their own universe rather than wait for life to happen to them. Beavers usually maintain a cool exterior, and can be straightforward to the point of being blunt. They don’t sugarcoat what they want to say; they consider that a waste of everyone’s time.… read more

Thanks Daria



Your greatest challenge is…learning how to accept help from others The way forward is to understand that other people have just as great a need for help and support as you have; don’t deny them that opportunity. You’re drawn to people born on November 23 to December 21. You share a passion for life’s good things and meaningful connection, and this can create an intense and fulfilling union.Luck maker.… read more