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Sitecore’s workbox for workflow sucks

Not only does it suck, another “Advanced” workbox also sucks. Seriously. I had to restore the entire Sitecore databases (we have a staging, so FOUR databases) from the night before because someone accidentally approved all. And yeah, work was lost. Who creates an “approve all” without a “Are you sure” popup????? ARGGGHHHHHHH So I took the best of both and created a better, simple, ugly version that works nicely. PLUS, if there are multiple approvals, etc., I have a comment box that will be applied to all of them. I’m not delving into the whole, create a package aspect...

computer programmer

I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about my job. I am a computer programmer. I write web applications. No, I do not design. I suck at designing, but everything that you want going on behind the scenes? I can do that … in C# and as of this month, MVC and Razor!! :) This is my personal website. Can’t believe I’ve never shared it in my blog. It’s over 10 years old.. I converted it from basic html to MVC earlier this month! Yeah.. I’m proud of myself.. :P