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Women coders

An absolutely brilliant article   I wonder.. I wonder if we’ll ever have equality. Men just don’t trust us as programmers. So frustrating.

Sitecore’s workbox for workflow sucks

Not only does it suck, another “Advanced” workbox also sucks. Seriously. I had to restore the entire Sitecore databases (we have a staging, so FOUR databases) from the night before because someone accidentally approved all. And yeah, work was lost. Who creates an “approve all” without a “Are you sure” popup????? ARGGGHHHHHHH So I took the best of both and created a better, simple, ugly version that works nicely. PLUS, if there are multiple approvals, etc., I have a comment box that will be applied to all of them. I’m not delving into the whole, create a package aspect...

computer programmer

I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about my job. I am a computer programmer. I write web applications. No, I do not design. I suck at designing, but everything that you want going on behind the scenes? I can do that … in C# and as of this month, MVC and Razor!! :) This is my personal website. Can’t believe I’ve never shared it in my blog. It’s over 10 years old.. I converted it from basic html to MVC earlier this month! Yeah.. I’m proud of myself.. :P