2016 has been a year of hell.
This blog is going to be rambling. It’s going to go back and forth in the time line and might be confusing. But this is why I didn’t go to Heartland Pagan Festival. First one I’ve missed since we didn’t have the money a few years back.Together Forever

Around 1600 on 7 April 2016, my parents were in a car accident.… read more

This was a special year. This year our daughter, Corkyy, joined us for the festival. It was very exciting. Loading the car was a tight fit, but hubby managed it somehow!

© Steve Hutchinson

As usual we arrived later in the day than I hoped (and we really need to do better, although next year my son will be graduating from middle school, so it’ll be even later.… read more

I never finished this blog.  2012 was a weird year and it just never happened.I’m publishing this as is so that I can move forward and write a blog for the 2013 event.






Butterflies, butterflies everywhere! As soon as we pulled into camp, right there at the front gate were millions of  butterflies and the lone man manning the gate to call up to let us drive up to Phoenix Registration was right in the middle of them!… read more

My Fifth Heartland.  Yeah.  No longer a newbie.
This was probably the chilliest Heartland of those 5 years. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were positively delightful for a heat hater like me. Unfortunately, some of this coolness came with rain, which was uncool. *grin*
Just love playing with words.

Thorik and I headed out Thursday afternoon, prally around 2pm. I still wanted to go by the Merc because I was needing conditioner. … read more