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The following blog was written by Anuj Sehgal and he gave his permission for me to share it here.
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The names of many of hells is common in Hindu texts, however the nature of sinners tormented in particular hells varies from text to text.
The summary of twenty-eight hells described in the Bhagavata Purana and the Devi Bhagavata Purana are as follows:[2][3]
Tamisra (darkness): It is intended for a person who grabs another’s wealth, wife or children.… read more

tidrion: sup

Em: beautiful weather!!


tidrion: um I don’t see any storms tornados

Em: no, but it’s not hot!!!


tidrion: how can you call that beautiful


fair enough

Em: grin

Sent at 9:29 AM on Monday

tidrion: hey there

Em: ;)

tidrion: was curious what you walked away with from that movie

Em: LOL in 10 words or less, 1000 words or less or 1 million words or less?… read more