I had this strange encounter at IHOP yesterday evening.
I called in an order and went to pick it up.
The girl, the hostess girl, was unusually attentive. Perhaps even flirty.
I could not judge her age.
I could not pick up if she was flirting or if she was just a damn good hostess.
(instincts say flirty, but not flirty, as in, an attraction but she isn’t gay / bi or hasn’t acknowledged it yet)
She was flustered, which made me flustered (very unusual for me).… read more

I believe that our souls have job descriptions and we choose the basics. We all want to experience as much in human form and once we learn something, there really is no reason to “repeat”. (As Doctor Who says, I hate repeats). So, after our human body “dies” we go back, refresh and say, Okay! I got it this time (or maybe we review with a life counselor… not really sure how that works..) or, oops, dangit, I still missed the whole point, let’s try again.… read more