“Dust in the Wind”

Memorial for Unborn Children

Items needed:

  • White candle
  • Flowers
  • A stone to represent the life lost
  • A pot, or jar with a lid, containing earth


Creature of fire and creature of air, take this circle into your care. Creature of water and creature of earth, hold us, protect us, grant us rebirth.

Cast the Circle

The Circle is cast.read more

Medusa is me!

Well, I finally figured it out.
A friend drew a card for me this morning and it was the Five of Swords. A bit later, I went and did Yoga and meditated. That’s when it all clicked.
As always, I’m in denial of the rage I hold inside (I got quite a bit of Aries in my chart plus, I have red highlights… LOL and *sigh*)

Even my boss, this week, told me to stop being so defensive and argumentative.… read more

I, Kris Bethea, aka Em Twilight, do decree that the vows, covenants, contracts, oaths, promises and karmic debts issued in and around my beliefs, interred ideas and relationships with shadow attributes and archetypes no longer serve me in any dimension, any time or any space. I sever all relatedness and karma relating to these shadow attributes and archetypes. I release these beliefs, vows, curses and residues into the light of this full moon, the balance of this solstice and into the lightness and darkness yin yang of this eclipse, and claim the wisdom of all the lessons learned as my divine birthright.… read more