How to Contact Your Spirit Guides

Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.

Spirit Guides. All of us have them. They are all around us if we could only perceive them. Often confused with angels, they are souls who walk amongst us who are here to help, offer guidance, comfort, and yes – even advice. Just what are these spirits and where do they come from?… read more

My Welcoming to Kali Ritual


[Facing East]
In the East I call Ushas, Goddess of the Dawn, to begin this new cycle and help us see through our illusions and seek the truth.

[Facing South]
In the South I call Parvati, to bring us the fires of purification so we may be cleansed.

[Facing West]
In the West I invoke Durga, to teach us to look into the dark places in our beings so that we may not be more

Anger is an emotion that, put to good use, can actually be beneficial.  However, if you’re like me, perhaps you have a tendency to stuff your anger down until it eats at you, or maybe you let it get to you so badly that you blow up at innocent bystanders.  Here is a spell you can do to help you transform your anger energy from something hard, cold, or unmoving into something life-giving (and work off the stress in the process).… read more