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Chakra in the Shower

Mar 20, 2010 #Chakra, #energies, #shower

I shared this with a friend. Yes, the sharing was tinged with a bit of embarrassment, but, you know, if it works (and it does) I should share it… so here it is!! *blushing* yet proud! :)


Okay, so. I’m guilty of singing in the shower.. LOL
I really have liked this lately.
First, I sing
Earth my Body
Water my Blood
Air my Breath
And Fire My Spirit


So, the chakra’s are
Lower Back
Sex organs (I use the location of my fallopian tubes, hands on my hips)
Belly Button
Forehead (intuition, very important)
and Crown (top of my head)

So, I sing, and as I sing a verse or two, I hold my hands over each chakra point, starting with my back.
I dance… by moving my body, not my feet…  In the order listed above.
When my hands move to my hips (Sex organs) I undulate sexually.. LOL
Same with Belly Button
Heart, I star moving more circular.. (I’m sure it’s still a form of dirty dancing, but heart, it’s more of a dance of love)
Throat, my head moves more — I roll my head like I’m stretching my neck muscles.. ;) also, a time to get a bit louder, this is your voice chakra, after all
Forehead, I don’t touch constantly touch like the other locations, but I move my hands away and close away and close (still dancing, mind you, and singing)
and finally the crown of my head. By this time, I’m really dancing, but energies are flowing, my chakra’s are feeling great and my voice has prally gotten a bit louder.. LOL
but.. it works and it feels SOOOO damn good!

Earth my body — touching my chakra points
Water my blood — shower.. yum
Air my breath, sometimes I breath thru the water spray.. if that makes sense
Fire my spirit — I like my showers HOT!! :)

It’s amazing..
and just..

Give it a try!!


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