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Chicken Update

May 16, 2011

This is a continuation of the original post A Tale of Two Chickens
It’s been fascinating hearing about the chickens and how they are doing, prior to eating them … soon..

Here’s what I received about them today!

I’ve been itching to get the chicks out of the brooders and onto the pasture.  Last week I put the finishing touches on the portable pens that they’ll be living in over the next 5 weeks.  My initial plan (and the typical way of handling them) would have been to have them on the pasture last Friday.  But who knew that the temps were going to fall into the 40s at night.  The chicks are still too young to handle those temperatures.  But the temperature range that they can handle adjusts dramatically as each day goes by.  Literally, they’re able to handle a 8-10 degree difference from one day to the next.  Example:  at 17 days, they can handle 48 degrees.  At 19, 40 degrees.

Anyhow, with this in mind, I’ll be moving them to their new homes Tuesday morning.  That’s when the real nutritional aspect kicks in for all of you (and flavor of course).  Grains provide the proteins.  Greens provide the flavor and extra added chemical free nutrients that the commercially produced chickens do not.

Not to mention that the chickens get to be chickens!  They get to spend their days on fields where they can scratch, chase bugs and enjoy the fresh air and sun.

A reminder that if you’ve ordered chickens, this batch will be processed and frozen on June 22.  I’ll be taking pre-orders for the next batch soon.

And lastly….feel free to let anyone you know about our chickens and eggs.  They can always contact me at this email address or at 785-554-****.  And soon, supposedly I’ll have a blog on Mother Earth News that you all can keep up to date on our farm happenings and that you can steer others to.




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