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Choices, dimensions and our souls (revisited)

Jun 24, 2011

What if, since each choice we make creates a new dimension, once we accept the choice that we made, it eliminates the extra dimension and brings our soul back.

After meditating today, I had this awakening:
Each choice takes a part of us with it to the newly created dimension (reality) and we have “regrets” or “what if’s” that haunt us. Those realities become bits of our soul and each time it happens we lose a part of ourselves (our soul, our energy).

Accepting the choice, by not having any regrets or wondering what if, brings the soul back and eliminates the separate reality and makes us even stronger, soul-wise… energy wise…

As I move forward and eliminate my regrets, I get stronger.

This could be part of the process for everyone, which is why so many people are revisiting past issue.
Souls and energies must be reunited for us to pass through to the next step(s).

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