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Closing papers signed…

Jul 18, 2006

Now, barring no horrible… anything going wrong, *knock on wood*
I can now start looking for a new job without worrying how that might look on my credit report.. *grin*

Yeah, it really was the only thing holding me back… I wanted / needed to get this place refinanced…

Yippee!! No more mortgage insurance!!! I’m not throwing away money no more!!


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7 thoughts on “Closing papers signed…”
  1. Em, this may not help, or maybe it will. You are loved, and have people who care for you. You are NOT alone. It seems to be a time of trial for many of us.
    I miss you so much!

  2. Thanks dear lady!!
    I miss you terribly too!!

    I need to remember my friends… they really have been “here” for me (online and off) …

    love you!!!

  3. Maybe now the stress level will ease off a bit since you have more options now! Hope it all comes together for you.

  4. I certainly HOPE my stress can ease off… but now my A/C died… *hmmph*

    This just means something GOOD is in store for me now, right? *grin*
    Or is this payment for the refinancing?

    Ah well…


  5. Hey, things always come around eventually my dear. My life has gone thru alot of chaos in the last 6 months, but it’s getting better here…..finally.

  6. I know what you mean by too hot! The AC in our place has not worked at all, and we are WAY too broke to do anything about it now. Need to pay past due bills and get transport fixed first! We finally opened all the windows (even those without screens, the cats LOVE it!) and we are lucky enough to have a good breeze most of the time. It is a bit more bearable, but still too hot!

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