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Compatibilty Charts of dj and me.. can anyone expand on this?

Apr 30, 2007

Birth Data for Him:

Birth Date and Time….. February 14, 1946 4:40 AM

Birth Location…………. Peoria, Illinois

Birth Data for Me:

Birth Date and Time….. April 21, 1969 9:32 AM

Birth Location…………. Salina, Kansas

Cheap freebee — If anyone can do something a little more specific.. I need to prove, in yet another way, that he is not meant for me!!!

My Sun Opposition His Jupiter:

There is a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism in your relationship. You inspire each other to expand your horizons, explore new possibilities, and improve your financial and social situation. You have a lot of good will towards each other, and also allow each other a lot of freedom. You may, however, engage in risky speculations together that are driven more by optimism and hopefulness than by well thought out plans, and consequently fall far short of your expectations. Overall, however, this astrological influence is a positive one of good will and optimism.

His Sun Square My Neptune:

You must guard against mutual deception and misunderstandings. He tends to have an unrealistic view of me, and I have a tendency to unconsciously capitalize on His imaginative and often simply erroneous perceptions. The tendency to be dishonest, hide things from each other, exaggerate, and spur each other to unrealistic hopes and dreams is very strong. Both of you must be able to distinguish fantasy from fact, and utilize the increased sensitivity and heightened imagination that you inspire in each other, without letting it cloud your ability to clearly and realistically see other and understand each other.

My Sun Square His Moon:

The distinct differences in your temperaments inclines you to periods of personality clashes and misunderstandings. In particular, He often feels that I do not sympathize enough or try to really understand His feelings. Both of you will have to understand and respect your differences, and make a concerted effort to harmonize your very different temperaments.

His Sun Trine My Moon:

You two are the best of friends! You understand and appreciate each other, and are able to work together very harmoniously. No relationship is free of difficulty and stress, and this astrological influence does not nullify other stressful influences described elsewhere in this report, but it does add a harmonious quality to your relationship that helps you over the rough spots.


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