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Confusing HSPs with empaths again

May 1, 2015 #empath, #hsp

Here are 22 empath traits that might suggest you are a highly sensitive person:

(original article here: http://liveboldandbloom.com/08/self-improvement/empath-traits-of-highly-sensitive-person)
My thoughts are in purple
1. People point it out
You’ve been told all your life you are too sensitive, overly emotional, or wear your heart on your sleeve. People tell you that you pick up on cues or feelings they don’t even notice.
I don’t think this is an empath trait. Empaths tend to internalize. Plus, once an empath learns control, there are few outward signs.

2. You feel other’s feelings
You’ve noticed how sensitive you are to the emotions of others. Even before they tell you how they are feeling, you already know. You can enter a room and have a sense of the general mood of the environment.
Totally an empath trait

3. Negativity overwhelms you
Where others can tolerate raised voices, conflict, or anger, it sends you over the edge. You almost feel physically sick or in pain as a result of the negative energy around you. You crave peace and calm.
Totally an empath trait, however, control and shielding will keep one from being overwhelmed.

4. Being in crowded places overwhelms you
You don’t like being in malls, sporting events, airports or other public places with crowds of people. You feel suffocated and overly-excited. You can’t wait to leave.
Totally an empath trait but once again, control and shielding helps so much.

5. Strong intuition
You seem to know things without being told. You sense what needs to be done or what’s about to happen. Your gut feelings nearly always prove to be correct.
Definitely an empath trait, but not just an empath trait…

6. Pain intolerance
More than others you know, you have a lower threshold for pain tolerance. You can’t stand getting shots, feeling nauseated, or dealing with a minor injury. You may even have had a doctor tell you to stop complaining so much.
This is only a HSP trait.

7. You must have alone time
You need time every day with no sensory input. You want to withdraw to your room or another quiet place to recharge.
Most exceedingly an empath trait

8. You avoid negative media images
You find it extremely disturbing to watch or read about tragic news events or see unpleasant images. It bothers you so much, you avoid looking at these images at all costs.
Both empaths and HSPs need to completely avoid the news. Hell, it wouldn’t hurt for muggles to avoid it too!

9. You can easily tell when someone is lying
All you need to do is look at their faces or listen to their tone of voice, and you know instantly whether or not they are telling the truth.
Totally an empath trait

10. You are more sensitive to stimulants/medications
Caffeine in particular makes you more anxious and agitated than the average person. You can never drink caffeine in the evening if you want to sleep. You often have reactions or side effects to medications.
Not an empath trait. Just HSP’s.. although it’s always a good idea to go organic, homeopathic and/or herbal.

11. You often show up with the symptoms of those around you
If someone close to you is sick or depressed, you will develop the same ailments.
This is a trait of a healer (an additional gift), not necessarily an empath. Definitely an issue with HSP.

12. You frequently have lower back and digestive problems
These are the result of dealing with negative and stressful situations and people. Your feelings show up as these physical symptoms.
Yes, this is an empath trait

13. You are the dumping ground for the problems of others
People around you seem to gravitate toward you and unload all of their pain and problems on you. Because you are an empath, you feel compelled to help, even to your own detriment.
Definitively, an empath trait

14. You often feel fatigued
Because others take so much from you, you often feel drained of energy and extremely tired. You might even have chronic fatigue syndrome.
An empath trait but control and shielding will help.

15. You have a very vibrant inner life
You are highly creative, imaginative, and loving. You may be involved in the arts or other creative pursuits. You feel close to animals and especially enjoy your relationship with your pets.
Delightfully an empath trait

16. You are sensitive to sounds and sensory feelings
Loud noises or sudden dramatic movements startle you. You also feel overwhelmed by bright lights, rough fabrics, and strong smells. You also notice very delicate smells, touch, and sounds.
This is more of an HSP trait than an empath trait.

17. You don’t like too many things at once
When you have to multi-task or have too much coming at you at once, you feel rattled and overwhelmed.
Another mostly HSP trait rather than an empath trait

18. You manage your environment
You create your living and working environment to accommodate your sensitivities. You arrange your schedule and commitments to avoid unpleasant, chaotic, or overly stimulating situations.
Only for HSPs but it never hurts to do this anyway….

19. You don’t like narcissists
You are particularly bothered by people who put themselves first all the time and aren’t sensitive to the feelings of others.
Okay, seriously, who the hell DOES like narcissists????

20. You can almost feel the days of the week
Each day of the week has a specific “feel” to it. You notice when a Wednesday feels like a Saturday. You feel particularly heavy at the start of the work week. Even months and seasons have a particular feel.
Not an empath trait, perhaps an additional gift, though.

21. You are a great listener
People tell you this all the time. You listen consciously and know the right questions and comments to draw people out and make them feel heard.
Drastically an empath trait but I see this mostly as a gift. :)

22. You get bored easily
As an empath, you need to focus on work and activities that stimulate your creativity and passion. If you get bored, you resort to daydreaming, doodling, etc. However, you are still very conscientious and try hard to avoid making mistakes.
huh???? I don’t think this is a trait of either, but hey.. all intelligent people get bored easily, right?


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