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Dare to look into the face of Medusa

Mar 16, 2013
Medusa is me!

Well, I finally figured it out.
A friend drew a card for me this morning and it was the Five of Swords. A bit later, I went and did Yoga and meditated. That’s when it all clicked.
As always, I’m in denial of the rage I hold inside (I got quite a bit of Aries in my chart plus, I have red highlights… LOL and *sigh*)

Even my boss, this week, told me to stop being so defensive and argumentative. All this didn’t click until I the card and the meditation. One of the questions to answer when that card is drawn is “What is so important to you that you have to prove everyone else wrong?”
Pick your battles is what I need to learn.

I hold so much in. I do so much around the house, but I justify it by saying “I’d be doing this anyway if I was on my own, so I might as well do it rather than raise hell about it.”  But sometimes it really gets to me. Dishes, laundry, occasional cooking. (yeah, I feed my son, but I leave everyone else to their own devices, especially with these deadlines I’ve been having at work.)

At work, I am competitive. I’m proud of what I can do and when my abilities are in question (they really aren’t but I take it this way as my initial reaction) I fight back, argue and defend myself.

So, at work, I let Medusa free but at home, I am the mask of courtesy and silence. I likely need to find more balance. Less Medusa at work and more at home.

Now that I’ve made this realization, I’m not sure what to do.

I’m looking into the Face of Medusa and I don’t like what I see so how do I change it?


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