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Day 02 – Something you love about yourself

Dec 2, 2010

Something I love about myself. *grin*

I love my smile. I love my PollyAnna-ness. I love combining them. Yeah. That one gets me in “trouble” as people get annoyed by my good mood sometimes, but ever since I read the book, I decided I wanted to be like that. I find the good side to everything and if nothing else, I always say that everything happens for a reason. It really does too.

I love the synchronicities in my life, but more importantly, I love that I see them, which I think helps me when I have “bad” days. I can see the bright side because I see the “coincidences” — and since I don’t believe in coincidences, I know that the goddess / universe is watching over me and saying.. see!! This is why this happened… or .. shhh.. this mighta happened, but here’s something to delight you while you ponder the meanings(s) of the other.

I love watching the days go by.

Rather like What the Bleep, I do create my day and I do see what happens and I absolutely adore seeing the good things happen.. and the little things, like sunsets and lady bugs in December and the frost with a pretty design.. it makes the world so magical.. and with all the magic, how can you be anything but happy and content and even excited.

That’s what I love about myself. All the things that make me happy no matter what happens.

(Don’t get me wrong, I do have down days… but they never last very long.. and they’ve become fewer and fewer and farther between as I continue down my path of enlightenment and self discovery. What a wonderful time to be alive and learning!)

Blessed Be!!


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One thought on “Day 02 – Something you love about yourself”
  1. I love my optimism. The glass is half full, and I bet there is more in the fridge! Guess what the world did not end when my life with Cat ended!… IT is still a beautiful world I live in…and I am ready for my next adventure!

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