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Day 09 – Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

Dec 9, 2010

Someone I didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

Another tough one.
I believe people come and go from our lives for a reason. They are there (here) when we need them or when they need us. More of a problem are the people who need to move on but simply cannot let go. Those are the people that are costing us (and themselves) unnecessary energy.

Nowadays, with the internet, it’s much easier to keep in touch with most people.
I suppose some of the old Army buddies would be the ones that I might miss. Spouses and some of my ex’s friends were good people and I enjoyed them. Some of them I found online and some of them found me, but others are still absent.

It has been amazing, recently, the number of people who have come back into my life. It’s been good catching up and sharing and healing.

Blessed Be!


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One thought on “Day 09 – Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.”
  1. My high school friend Debbie.

    She just moved away..I kept calling and writing…she wrote or called occassionly. I found her on fb…be friended her again…and now she is gone…and her daughter.

    Drifted away.

    That is life….

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