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Day 15 – The Touch of Oneness

Sep 8, 2011

I am a very sensual person. This just enhances that. There is nothing more I like that to be caressed by living things, or the wind, or leaves as they dance by.

I use lotion, and I mostly use organic.
My clothing MUST be soft and sensual.. I love leather… the feel of it..

Yeah, I enjoy this exercise!!

The Touch of Oneness

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”
— Plato

“Touch seems to be as essential as sunlight.”
— Diane Ackerman

“Some men know that a light touch of the tongue, running from a woman’s toes to her ears, lingering in the softest way possible in various places in between, given often enough and sincerely enough, would add immeasurably to world peace.”
— Marianne Williamson



As you become increasingly conscious of your breath, you’ll become aware that your body isn’t limited by your skin—in other words, it surpasses your physical sense of touch. This is the touch of Oneness. Your skin represents about 16 percent of your body, and it’s the most sensitive organ, the one that nourishes you the most. Allowing yourself to touch and be touched by the world inspires creativity and manifests an embodied experience of Oneness.

Allow yourself to be caressed by a tree, kissed by a flower, and supported by a rock. Reach out and run your hands over the bricks of a building. Cup the rain in your hands. With presence and grace, experience the Divine touch of Oneness.

To touch another person in this way necessitates being the other person, and to achieve this, you must live in a state of Oneness. In this practice, you’re invited to move beyond the illusion of separation of the body into deep connection with all of life around you.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, become conscious of your skin—the soft, thin membrane that holds and protects you. What sensations do you feel? Warmth, well-being, ease? As you rise, notice the change in temperature. How does your skin react? Feel the contact of your feet on the floor, your hand on the door, and your body as it moves through the room. Notice the different textures and temperatures as you shower, dress, eat, and prepare for your day. Water, soap, sponge. Fabric, leather, hair. Bread, apple, knife, cup. Be fully present with everything you touch, absorbing the wondrous sensations on your skin.

Throughout the day, your skin will change environments and respond to all kinds of stimulation. This continuous tremor and radiance will bring your awareness into the embodied experience of Oneness. Trust your body and your presence, and have faith in your desire to touch and be touched by life.
Experiment by touching with deep reverence. Touch others as if you were touching yourself. Reach out with the intention to love and be loved. Know that this is a sacred gift of Oneness: when you touch others, you’re being touched as well, which restores the body to its sacred vibration. Acknowledge your fears and relax in the knowing that this is an essential aspect of achieving Oneness. Allow yourself to view your skin as an instrument of love, enabling you to be truly present. This is the touch of Oneness.


I AM tremoring with the textures of life, nurturing and nourishing the loving touch of Oneness.


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