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Day 22 – Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life

Dec 22, 2010

Day 22 – Something I wish I hadn’t done in my life

Honestly, I always think that so much of my life has defined who I am now, there really is nothing I wish I had not done. Yes, I’ve made mistakes, yes, I’ve hurt people, yes, I’m saddened by some of my choices, but I LEARNED from them and I made it through. Those mistakes are my foundation and I continue to grow and learn. If I start wishing..

Well, I’ve always liked the screwed up saying
“If wishes were real, Cockroaches would have Uzi’s!”

Seriously, why spend time wishing? LOL Make it real! Use that Law of Attraction and bring in the good into your life daily! Don’t wish it so, MAKE it so!

(If anything, I do wish I would not have been so mean to my parents… but then,  kids are kids are kids, and the acts of rebellion helped define me as well… I escaped, even if my brother did not.. and now, after 30 years(ish), I begin anew with my folks and think everything may at least begin the process of healing. I have no expectations, I cannot, but I can hope! I can wish! :) Because although the Law of Attraction and manifesting my desires works for me as myself, I can’t work it against other people. It’s up to them.


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