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Day 28 – What if you were pregnant what would you do?

Dec 28, 2010

Day 28 – What if I was pregnant, what would I do?

Wow. I’m 41 years old. I’d be 42 when this child would be born.

Of course if the goddess sent me a child, I would keep it, cherish it, raise it and love it! :) (Her, I hope it would be female, I already have a boy, but another boy would be okay too… )

I would be scared. Terrified even. I’m still working through issues of being a mom and my fear of vomiting and other things… but then, it would be just like Kali and the universe to show me the way by starting me new. I’d have my son to help me as well as John. It wouldn’t be so bad.. right?

Oddly enough, my son just mentioned the other day how he would love a baby brother or sister. LOL and *sigh* I hope it was just rhetorical.

But now I have this question, plus the work I’m doing with my dear Shrink Lady, who also brought up the question in the means of releasing myself from the vow of never wanting to have children that I made at least once in this lifetime and perhaps in others.

Weird. Maybe it will just be rhetorical and a what if, but if it turns out John and I are meant to have a baby (girl) then awesome! I think we will make great parents and what a wonderful time to be alive. I would hope she would be another Crystal Child like her brother. They would be the best of friends, even with an age difference.

What will be will be.

All will be well and all manner of things will be well.
I’m ready.

I surrender to your will, Kali and Grandmother Universe, initiate and execute what needs to be in order for me to reach my soul’s ultimate goals and vibrations! I succumb to your knowledge and the ribbons of the fates. I submit to you, goddess, because I must.

Blessed Be!


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