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Day 4 – The Gaze of Oneness

Aug 28, 2011

It is time to see. To really really see.

I love mornings when my vibrational level is high and I see everything. I see the curve of the clouds, the burst of wind on the leaves, the speck of dust in the sunlight.

And especially my son….

The Gaze of Oneness

“With enraptured gaze we beheld the white moon rising quietly behind the tall trees, the silvery rays it was casting upon sleeping nature, the bright stars twinkling in the deep skies, the light breath of the evening breeze making the snowy clouds float easily along; all this raised our Souls to heaven.”

St. Thérèse of Lisieux

“When the eyes of the heart are opened, the creation is revealed as it really is . . . the body of Divine Light.”

Andrew Harvey

“The day of my spiritual awakening was the day I saw and knew I saw all things in God and God in all things.”

Mechthild of Magdeburg



French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said: “Nothing here below is profane for those who know how to see.” Do you know how to see? Are you willing to look upon yourself and your life with the gaze of Oneness? Are you willing to remove the scales of separation from your eyes and recognize the Divine within?

For today you are invited—urged—to see yourself and all the conditions of your life (those that you may judge as good and bad) through the enraptured and awakened gaze of Oneness. View everything as connected and divinely ordered, conspiring on your behalf to bring you into alignment with your truest self and highest good. Imagine that nothing within you or your life is outside of Oneness; therefore, perceive all things as sacred and holy. Give thanks for this sweet perfection.

To increase your awareness, consciously observe the expressions of beauty and creativity that surround you. Gaze with awe into a starry nighttime sky. Notice the fragile courage of the first crocus of spring. Wonder at the symmetry of a snowflake or the complexity of a newborn. From head to toe, look upon your own body with adoration. Seek the beauty that lies within a billboard, a streetcar, a puppy, a doughnut shop, a blade of grass; for each of these holds the aura of the sacred. Know the truth: this physical, palpable world is indeed a Divine place. You are standing on holy ground. Affirm that all things on Earth are part of God’s holy creation.

Look upon everything with the all-adoring, awakened, and curious gaze of Oneness. Learning to see in this way is central to an understanding of God’s love for the world and the life it sustains. Today, awaken the gaze of Oneness within you. Soften your eyes and perceive with your heart. Behold Christ and receive all with Namaste. Rejoice in your transformed sight!


I AM perceiving the world with an awakened and enraptured gaze. I see myself in God and I see God in all things. Namaste.


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