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Dieting Day One

Apr 17, 2018 #3 day diet, #military diet

I think my body knows what’s about to happen. Why is it I woke up hungrier than usual?
I decided I was going to continue my normal tea drinking habits, maybe even add a couple. :)

6:30 am
Weigh in: 159

I might nibble on some of the peanut butter before I do yoga.. just so I have some energy! LOL
Already sipping on my coffee (I usually only have a half cup in the morning, I’ll prally stick with that and then having tea once I get to work. I’m not going to stop my tea routine, although only the green has the caffeine, so it shouldn’t affect anything.

6:40 am – 7:20 am

7:30 am
What I ended up doing was using a tablespoon to get the peanut butter and put it into a tupperware to take to work. I then proceeded to lick the spoon clean. LOL That was my morning nibble.

My wonderful hubby cut the grapefruit in half (he gets and is glad for the other half).

8:30 am
Grapefruit is yucky still. However, I read the benefits,and OMG I might have to force myself to eat it once or twice a week.
Drinking my usual morning tea, Moon Cycle Tea.

9:00 am
I like the bread and crunchy peanut butter. I have eaten 3/4 of it. I actually like the texture of the crunchy peanut butter and the seedy bread. http://www.daveskillerbread.com/good-seed/
Drank my Green Tea.

9:30 am
walked for 20 minutes, about 1.3 miles.

10:15 am
finished the last 2 bites of bread and peanut butter.
Drank Nettle Tea.

11:30 am
White crab meat on the yummy bread.
It actually was pretty good! Not something I’d eat by choice but not as horrible as I feared.
http://www.crownprince.com/cp-crab-meat.htm I got the Lump White Crab.
I used about 3/4 cup since crab has fewer calories than tuna.

12:30 pm
Drank Chickweed tea (helps with hunger pangs, I drink it almost daily)

1:30 pm
Drank a cup of the Original Yogi Tea. (First time I’ve tried it.)

2:00 pm
Half the apple (I decided to use the dinnertime apple as an afternoon snack, I used the apple slicer for 8 pieces.)

2:30 pm
Drank a cup of Three Fennel tea (it’s sweeter when it’s the 3 Fennel, really good as opposed to a single fennel) https://www.pukkaherbs.com/teas-supplements/pukka-organic-teas/three-fennel/

3:00 pm
2 more slices of apples

Drank a cup of Camomile tea

4:00 pm
Last 2 slices of applies

6:00 – 8:00 pm
300 calories worth of meat (yummy organic honey ham slices)
1 cup green beans

9:00 pm

10:00 pm
Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (store bought but has only 3 ingredients.. YUMMY!)

Then, I cooked the eggs for tomorrow. :)


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