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Dimensions, timelines, choices and souls

Aug 26, 2007

Dimensions, timelines, choices and souls
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What if..

Each of our decisions produces a new dimension where our new self follows a different path. There would be an infinite number of decisions and an infinite number of paths. These paths would be continued until the very last person “died”.

Now, there are some theories that since we think of time as a straight line, it is, but that time really isn’t in a straight line. What if these decision “points” in our lives allowed us to go back. (Not time travel, necessarily, but moving in our own timeline only) We could go back to our decision points (and only these points, but then, what other points in our lives would we really return to?) and start again changing our own life to match that of another choice, in a separate dimension, bringing the two dimensions back into one path.

That would eliminate a dimension and we would continue on our chosen path. (Even from here, of course, we could split with other decisions and create new dimensions.)

This would continue on until our “final” death, which would be when the remaining living part of our humanity, in whichever dimension, would die.

Now, with this theory, I would wonder if, not deciding or knowing how to return to a decision point, if our souls (which would NOT split with the dimensions but remain whole, just residing in separate dimensions) would then remember each of the separate timelines and dimensions. Which would, in turn, make me wonder how many different life experiences a soul could encounter in one single lifetime.

And if you go back to one of my previous thoughts, on April 20th of this year
where I said “I believe that the soul chooses the life they lead. Rather like a job description…  When in the pure state of the soul, they know what they need to learn and what they need to experience, so they are able to choose a life that will allow them the opportunity to experience and learn what they need to do to progress forward.” So, a soul could learn much in just a single lifetime, allowing the soul to learn so much more without having to “redo” a certain experience.


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