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Discussing Heroes!

Feb 7, 2007

(Yes, Ron, this is for you!!! :)

Wow! What an episode!!!

Warning: Spoilers ahead if ya haven’t seen it. don’t read this!!

First, I can’t believe they let Niki / Jessica out of Jail. Was the shrink dead or not?

Nathan’s Claire’s DAD?!?!?!? Wow, twist.

Having Doctor Who as the invisible man is really cool.

Having Sulu as Hiro’s dad is also really cool.

Did anyone else notice the tags on the car Hiro’s dad was in? ROTFLMAO
Someone’s got a sense of humor…

Wow. What an episode!!!! :)

(Better Ron? LOL — No more goin 3 pages to find the original discussion we were having!! *hug*)


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8 thoughts on “Discussing Heroes!”
  1. Heehee… just for me?? Wittle old me?? ;)
    LOL… Dr. Who and Sulu… George Taki looks much different than the last time I saw him (saw him at a Star Trek convention back in 80 or so..). Saw him on the William Shatner Roast about three months or so ago… Man, he is ‘flaming’ since he came out! Him all serious in this roll is way cool, but it’s a shame, he is realy a funny guy!
    Christopher Eccleston, it took me most of the show last week to figure out who he was, with the beard and all… But he plays such a sarcastic, inigmatic character. Well cast!
    So, do you think Jessica is going to play nice?? Maybe a battle between the two for the rest of the season? A couple shows with Niki and then a couple shows with Jessica? No, don’t think the shrink is dead or they wouldn’t have let her out of jail, they only let her out because the death row guy claimed all the murders in the dessert!
    Ok… so spring it… what was Sulu’s tags?? Enterprise?? Helm?? Sulu?? I give…
    Claire… Damn… that was the shocker of the series so far!!! I think it’s kinda neat the way the offspring of a ‘talent’ has nothing to do with the ‘talent’ of the offspring! A ‘hot’ mom and a dad that can fly… makes a child that can heal… well, if daddy dropps her or if mom burns her… I guess I can see a connection!!! Do you think Nathan is going to ‘own up to it’??

  2. Only the best of fans would have noticed.. his tag said NCC-1701

    Sulu’s gonna be back for more episodes.. who knows what the future might bring!!!

    Remind me.. has Nathan met or seen pictures of Claire? But then, he still wouldn’t make the connection would he….

    I was so excited when I found out Eccleson was going to be on Heroes.. and then that first night, I didn’t even recognize him. I had to go back and watch the end of that episode online.

    And I guess last week, he even said “Fantastic” — which of course all the Who fans loved.. and I MISSED IT!!! *sigh*

  3. I was thinking about Claire and Nathan… He was there at the hospital, but I don’t remember if he saw her…
    Yes.. I did catch the ‘Dr. Who’ comment… Was way cool…
    Can’t wait to see the next episode…

  4. So… What did you think this week hon?
    Gives me the creeps to see Claire regenerate… Ewwww, her sweater was melted to her chest!
    And you asked if Hiros dad would show again… I think he’s gonna show a lot more as the season goes on…

  5. This week was AWESOME!!!!

    I think you are right about Hiro’s Dad!
    Sucks that they got the cop dude but maybe he will “come in handy” and they won’t kill him.. *sigh*
    Makes more sense about the invisible guy now… makes lots more sense…

    Wonder where Claire and the Haitian will go into hiding at…
    15 years is a long time to keep such a deadly secret..
    His poor wife…


  6. LOL… I think he’s going to hire the cop to be his new partner. Maybe they will assign them both to go find Claire and the Haitian!! That would be cool…

    Would explain why he went into hiding and why he knows so much about ‘others’ and how to controll his power…

    The scene three weeks ago about Niki and Jessica… Jessica was chasing the cop down the stairwell with a gun (remember that part?). Jessica turned because she heard Niki’s voice and looked up the staircase and saw her standing a flight up and looking down at her… freaky!!

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