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Discussing Heroes!

Feb 7, 2007

(Yes, Ron, this is for you!!! :)

Wow! What an episode!!!

Warning: Spoilers ahead if ya haven’t seen it. don’t read this!!

First, I can’t believe they let Niki / Jessica out of Jail. Was the shrink dead or not?

Nathan’s Claire’s DAD?!?!?!? Wow, twist.

Having Doctor Who as the invisible man is really cool.

Having Sulu as Hiro’s dad is also really cool.

Did anyone else notice the tags on the car Hiro’s dad was in? ROTFLMAO
Someone’s got a sense of humor…

Wow. What an episode!!!! :)

(Better Ron? LOL — No more goin 3 pages to find the original discussion we were having!! *hug*)


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