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Disturbing or brilliant?

Mar 1, 2012

I read a blog post yesterday. A story, actually.

I think it is brilliant… it’s deep, not for those who are unprepared. Not for those who have never been there.


“She looks at me with a puzzled expression; almost like she knows me. She’s never seen me before, but I’ve seen her. A thousand times. A million times. She blinks her sensitive eyes in the sun and brings her hand up to shade her face as she continues to study my features. Finally she smiles and says, “Hello.””

And then comes the goodbye.

This is a deep story of release, of love, of cutting away one’s past.

But some people are not seeing it that way. Some are seeing something horrifying and terrifying. I think those people are not prepared for the changes that are coming.

Don’t think about how it will be read by others, think about what it means to you.

Releasing your ties from the past isn’t necessarily forgetting what happened, in fact, I don’t believe you should forget your past, because you learned from it and it helped develop who you are. By cutting away your past, you aren’t letting it affect you. You aren’t letting it hold you back.

I think if you see darkness in it, the darkness is in you.

I know that’s harsh, but if that darkness is there, it’s time to look inside yourself and see why it’s dark and why it is affecting you in such a way that it makes you think.

But then again, that was the point of the short story.. to make you think!


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