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Dust Bunnies

Mary’s Dust Bunny Rescue happens to have several dust bunnies available for adoption

Mary’s Dust Bunny Rescue takes unwanted dust bunnies and places them in loving adoptive homes. All dust bunnies are checked for ticks and spiders before being placed, and are humanely housed underneath the couch and behind hampers in our large country home.

We currently have dust bunnies in all sizes, from mite-sized gray ones to large labrador yellow bunnies. Please contact me off-list if you think you’re home is suitable for one of Mary’s Bunnies.

Some Notes on Dust Bunnies

You must never vaccum near a dust bunny unless it is an extremely well socialized dustie and a very gentle vaccum. The vaccum can frighten a dustie so much that the dustie either blows away, or worse yet gets confused and runs up INTO the vaccum — that’s death for most dusties.

Dust bunnies don’t eat much — they feed on hair and scales. They especially prefer canine or feline hair, but I have heard of some that like gerbil fur and feather mites. Housebreaking is a non-issue, dustie poop seems to disintegrate on contact with solid surfaces. They are very low maintenance pets, unless you have a particularly ferocious vaccum cleaner.

Unless you’re sure that your dust bunny ran up into your vaccum, I doubt you completely scared them away. Check your brooms. Dusties have a wonderful sense of humor and tend to grab onto the bristles and not let go. Or, look in the spare room and check under the beds. Often during mating season (every Friday night or before the in-laws visit) they lurk underneath unused beds or couches and multiply rapidly.

Dear Mary Dust Bunny Questions:

Hi Mary   Your story about the dust bunnies made me curious so flashlight in hand, I made a house wide search. I saw a few things here and there that could have been dusties. Not being experienced in the field I could not be certain.

Then I looked under the fridge. Lo and behold there was the biggest dust bunny I have ever seen. I swear that monster must have weighed 5 pounds. Well being an animal lover I tried to remove it from under the fridge. I could only get one hand under there and everytime I let go it would pull back trying to escape. After the third attempt I swear it growled at me. I was     not told they could be dangerous.
I have concluded that it is just fine right where it is.

However I have set up a box trap for capturing it alive if it ever decides to come out. I don’t want an angry animal in the house. ( I have also decided not to go to the fridge barefoot until it is captured.) If I should manage to catch this little monster would you have a home for it ? I would hate to just release it back into the wild.

Answers from one of the Experts:

Oh dear.  When they get that big and defensive it usually means they’re pregnant.  You’re gonna have little ones ALL OVER THE HOUSE!  (Be careful not to sneeze — that might trigger delivery).

Mary’s response:

I believe you’re absolutely right. The warmth of the fridge, the crumbs… it all adds up to PG-DB.

I wish I could help you with your dustie, but unfortunately my rescue is full at the moment. I have dusties underneath all of my couches and even behind the hot water heater. Have you tried the national rescue group? They’re at  no-hoovers.org.

Well gee, I wish I had read these messages last night !!!   I have been a little under the weather with my allergies, so after a particularly nasty sneezing fit I decided to retire early.

This morning I arose somewhat bleary eyed. I immediately got on the computer to see what I had missed last night.  That was when I received your warnings.  Too late, Much… too… late.

I quickly grabbed my trusty flashlight to see if the monster was still under the fridge. Yep, darn thing was gone. While I was down there I thought I saw motion so I played the beam of the light across the floor. It was amazing, utterly amazing. Everywhere I looked there were dusties. I got up and flipped on the light. There were four floating above the air conditioner vent doing the Mamba. I found one in my favorite coffee cup.  When my back was turned three had attacked my mouse and were trying to carry it off.

This was all too much for my stunned mind. I went in to take a shower hoping to clear my brain for the battle ahead. The next thing I knew I was standing in ankle deep water. Sure enough, one of the little buggers had gotten into the drain and plugged  it up !!!   I’m afraid I was less than gentle about removing it from the strainer.

Realizing that I had an epidemic, I immediately went to no-hovers.org. Since I needed help as soon as possible I called the 1-800 number. They must have put me on a speaker phone for as I related my story the uncontrollable laughter became louder and louder. I have concluded they will be of little help.

I now have two choices.  1. Live with the nasty little buggers.   2.  Declare all out War .

In the event that I am not heard from for some time I would appreciate it if someone would call Emergency Services to come by and check on me.

Thank You once again for all your help