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Empathy (cont)

Jul 27, 2008

I received this from Serena in the same group I got the original email from (see previous post)

An Empath is a person that can feel other’s feelings, emotions, and energies. They are highly sensitive and can become overwhelmed, especially in large crowds, dependant upon the strength of their gift. Often times these are the ones that perfect strangers tell their whole life history too.

Empaths are highly intuitive by nature, often blessed with other gifts, as well. Empaths have a deep understanding of people’s nature, having had to come to grips with feelings and emotions very early in life.

Often they are able to pick up animals, even plants. All living matter has energy. This energy can be felt, read, and understood by an Empath. Even someone putting up a front for most cannot “mask” true feelings. Often times Empaths have been disregarded as “emotional” or “sensitive” as a child. There are some that go through life not knowing or understanding their abilites.

Most Empaths have a passion towards nature. Being a medium for all life’s energy. They are often very creative and their talents and interests are varied. They make great friends for life, but can easily become crushed if their friendship is abused. Most are “friends” to all, but have a small sharing circle of ‘close-knit’ friends, friends with whom they can let their guard down with.

Depression seems to be a common theme throughout, though not the rule. Empaths are sensitive to broadcasts, news, movies, videos and the like. Violence and emotionally shocking content are so intensive that the need for monitoring is imperative.

Empaths are the true listeners of life! They must learn to filter and block or can become so overwhelmed, that it can be crippling or can manifest mental/physical ailments. Learning various techniques can help to deal with the constant barrage of input.

Empaths are the problem solvers, thinkers, and studiers in life. They will search diligently to find answers. Most often they are very vivid and lucid dreamers. They can dream in detail and some can even astral travel; the act of ‘detaching’ oneself from their physical bodies. Most have had paranormal experiences from early on.

If, upon reading this you feel you may know or perhaps be an Empath, please know that you are not alone!


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