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Family Harmony

Aug 28, 2006
Faery Message by Mystiblu for August 27-September 3, 2006~

~Family Harmony~

The New Moon energy has shifted and is now causing families to come together and heal old past wounds and hurtful feelings. The Fairies ask you to have patience because so much has happened and right now the energy is moving fast which is causing many doors to open and others to close. They urge you to take time to reflect, but to also take time to talk and discuss issues with family members and allow the healing energy to flow. Take note of nature’s signs around you… the wind that blows away the pain, the rain the washes away the negativity and washes all things clean, flowers that bloom for new possibilities, and see the moon on  peaceful summer nights, as times to pull your loved ones close and feel the blessings all around you while sharing positive energy, one to another. This family harmony will shine brightly and be felt not only within your family but everywhere through out the world also. Take time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and practice forgiveness, letting go, but also helping yourself and others to heal.Family is very important to the fairies. They remind us to, “handle with care” and to hold loving thoughts for everyone in our family, including ourselves.~

I see the goodness within each member of my family.
My family is harmonious and filled with love and joy!!~

~Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue~

Peace and blessings,

Fairies~The little Angels of Nature~*~Faeries help us to believe and have faith~

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