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Fear is a thought – Danger is an instinct

Jul 23, 2017 #danger, #fear, #instinct, #love, #thought

Fear is from thoughts and reactions to danger is instinctual.

Every fear we experience is made of thought. We think it, we’re “horrified” of it and we keep replaying it in our minds. We create and build our own fear. This process builds our fear higher which makes us think about it more, which makes it even worse. At what point does that fear become a phobia?

Hmmm.. well, that’s a topic for another day, but for now, fear is something that we are thinking about as opposed to what is happening in this current instant. If it was happening, we’d be reacting and very likely it would be instinctual and then it would be gone. The actual danger instinct and reaction is much quicker and then gone. Either the worst that can happen does or it doesn’t and then it’s over.

So when we feel fear, we should ask ourselves: “Am I in danger?”
If I’m not in immediate danger, then it is a thought that is causing the fear.

“In The Inside-Out Revolution, I share the analogy of a person drawing a picture of a monster on a piece of paper and then running out of the room in terror. The exact moment the person sees that the monster is just a drawing and can’t hurt it, the fear is gone and there’s nothing left to be done.”

imagine waking up from a nightmare. One moment you’re totally engrossed in fighting off vampire zombies and the next your eyes are open and the vampire zombies are gone. You may still have a little bit of adrenaline coursing through your veins, but there are no lasting after-effects. No healing is necessary. You just get up and get on with your day.

~Michael Neill

Now that we are aware that our fears are just thoughts, the entire concept becomes a lot more fascinating. We have spent our entire life avoiding things because we were frightened. Now we are free. Don’t waste time looking back and doing the “what if’s” look forward with a clear mind, heart and soul and tell the universe we are ready for anything!

With our newfound freedom from so many thoughts that had become fears, we can spend more time on other aspects of ourselves. We can work on our spirituality, our health, we can educate ourselves and learn new things, we can help guide others and pick up so many dreams that we may have forgotten along the way because we were too lost in our thoughts of fear.

This will change our reality, as in the Law of Attraction. We will no longer draw the negatives that the fear thoughts were calling, we can call goodness, happiness, wealth and health. We can learn to love ourselves and that will draw new friends and even new loves into our lives.

We have released the fears that drove us directions we never wanted to go because we now understand that those fears were just based on thoughts and we can stop thinking those thoughts. No more fight or flight reactions. Just be, always in the moment, always free to be ourselves. The world that was once so frightening to us has now been recognized as the magical, wonderful, special and fantastic place that it really is. As it was always meant to be.


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