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Fear.. (tarot journaling)

Oct 20, 2006

Where does that fear come from?  Write about something that frightens you that other people might find ridiculous.  How does that card tie in with your fear? 

Either randomly draw a card or deliberately select a card from your favorite deck.  You can either use that card as representing your fear.

If you want to go even further, select another card that represents how that card illustrates you conquering that fear. 

I chose a random card.
It was #20 — The Judgement
(Do I fear fate?)
I drew another card
#5 The Hierophant (Reversed)
and then the Six of Spears

Two of Spears and Eight of Shields

Am I hiding from my destiny?
I was told, the other day, that I needed to … perhaps have some time away from Kevin. This was told in 3rd person, so that it was not truly my friend speaking to me. I told him this simply was not an option..

But perhaps he misunderstood. Perhaps I am dwelling too much on how Tracy is affecting him and maybe I am supposed to stop worrying (yeah, easier said than done). Rather than spending time away from my son, perhaps I am supposed to stop dwelling on the ugly things life has thrown my way (yeah, Tracy) and just enjoy the time I spend with him.

Tracy really isn’t worth the effort I am putting into the problem. Things (such as my “too much contact with Kevin’s teacher”) has only been spoken or written to me from Tracy. If there was a problem, the teacher and/or the principal would tell me there is a problem. We are all adults and Tracy has no control over me. Kevin’s school wouldn’t go to her about a problem with me. They would come to me!!! (duh!)

So, I need to stop worrying about what Tracy is doing and concentrate on myself and the time I do spend with my son.

Nothing else truly matters.

Maybe life can finally start moving forward again….


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