• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

February 2019 was a blur

My previous post was just the beginning. The universe decided it was time for a full mind, body, spirit cleansing and OMG nothing was held back.

It was intense, it was insane, I was sick everywhere, inside and out, but it was cleansing and it was revitalizing and it was terrifying… I actually considered going to the doctor but I couldn’t get out of my driveway!

I know now it was an awakening. It was an offering. It was merging with my new home, my new life, my new responsibilities and releasing the past.

This cleansing needed to happen. I was not properly adjusting. Well, I was.. but… so hard to explain.

Basically it was time to slow down and to be completely honest, I didn’t know how. The universe jumped in and I slowed waaayyyy down.

I remember the first day of clear thinking. It was 11 days after this all started and I was like WOW!! I wanted to blog immediately, but, all my websites had been hacked multiple times while I was sick and at that precise moment, I had no blog, no websites, nothing. Stupid hackers.

On Feb 10 I was bloated like I’d never been bloated in my entire life. My friend told me to do this rocking sit-up thing. I’m an idiot. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks recovering from damaging my muscles from that attempt to just fart. It’s a good exercise. I may someday try to make it part of my routine but those muscles… owww those muscles. I’ve never been able to do situps in my life and I rocked… for a LOT of time on the 10th and then suffered greatly.

I was trying anything and everything.

One of the best things was a nice Himalayan salt bath. Pretty sure that cleansed me pretty damn good too.

I have seriously given my blood, sweat and tears to this home. As part of a septic system, I’m not part of this property. Indirectly, eventually, the well as well. *smirk* I will plant and house offerings and magical things for fairies and feed the wildlife and make this a good safehaven.

Oh yeah, once I started feeling better, hubby and I figured out our home’s name. Faehaven. Yes, something else good came from this time! On February 16th, we burned fire in our fireplace in honor of our home’s name. It was beautiful.

But out of everything, what I remember the most was the jumble my mind was in at the beginning (ie this previous post) and the insanity and the never ending chatter and coding and stressing.
And then after.. the silence, the quiet, the peace, the ability to sleep again (with some muscle pain in my tummy but still.. )

Awakening. Enlightenment. Peace. Health. Contentment. Happiness. Quiet.
It’s all coming back to me now.


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