• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

First week of school and lovin it!

First week of school, and I LOVE it! Things are going so well, it is amazing! I cannot believe how well it is going. (Does that mean something is going to go wrong later, *knock on wood* I hope not!!)

First day with one group of students was a toughie, but I called them in for a private meeting, assigned them some extra work – where they had to explain proper classroom behavior – and called their parents/guardians. They’ve been great since then (not perfect, but greatly improved.) Thanks to a friend, Moon, who suggested I just take a day or two and TALK to them. Find out what they want to learn. : ) It worked! We are now reading the Shining by Stephen King. (with parental permission) Then, we will move onto some other aspects of the horror genre.

My other senior class is excellent. After they read the first half of Beowulf, we held a classroom discussion that was powerful! (okay, so a lot of them wanted to talk about the Christian God and such, but they were still discussing!: ) After class, a couple students came up to me and said how much they enjoyed class that day and they hoped we will do this class discussion a lot. I told them that it is my plan to do this a LOT! : ) What a great group of students they are! They are going to make my year fun and challenging! I just know it!

Journalism is going to be okay. I do have a great group of students who so far have shown that they are really willing to work. So much better than my first year in Vilseck. But then, these students are handpicked, and are always the best of the best. I’m so pleased with the group I have!

Junior English isn’t going to be too bad. I have a couple of troublemakers, but nothing too crazy. I think I will be able to reach them.

I have opened my door to “poets”. I told them I would love to read their poetry. A couple students said that they have never let anyone read their poetry before, so I said that if a poem or two made it to my desk with no names on them, I would still enjoy them greatly! I’m very excited to read some of their poetry. From some of the classwork they have already turned in, I think that they already have a great way with words and that their poetry will just be icing.

I have a lot of plans for the year, and I hope everything continues to go smoothly and well.

Well, that’s all for now. I just wanted to share my first week!!

Brightest Blessings,


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