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Flinthills Job Corp

My New Job!

okay okay… not much to describe. (until I look back and wrote a book, sorry! ;)

I have this room, that holds 11 computers, my desk and a table with 3 filing cabinets, up against the blackboard is a bookshelf, and between a couple computers is a printer. (and a small electical closet behind the door) with a nice window over the table. The lady next to me has 12 computers, a little more space, but her room is odd shaped and she has brick walls, where I have just normal walls, We are at a 90 degree angle from each other.

The door next to hers, is the “principal” .. not exactly, he is the man in charge, I guess basically the principal, but not quite. I could prally have his job in a few years, if I stick around, but he has a REALLY tiny office, with the servers and printers and all kinds of stuff. Off to the side of his room is his secretaries office. She has been in the hospital with pneumonia.

Her room is even smaller. It basically is a closet. Behind her room, and in another room that has 5 computers and another server and access to the internet. This way students can do research for their papers.

Okay, now, my job. (The class descriptions are more interesting. ;)

I work from 8-3:15 m-f – 210 days a year. The school has 250 days of school, so I will be getting 3 day weekends 2-3 times a month. I get two weeks in the summer and two weeks at Christmas off. I get Turkey day and the day after and basically that is it. I do get most of the federal holidays off, since it is a federal program.

I sit there, and monitor students as they earn their high school diploma. I am a highly paid babysitter. I make sure they don’t sleep, eat, or talk and that they stay on task. I also sign off on graduation sheets, and other sheets as they complete the required assignments ON the computer. Some cases I even have to write down grades! They need an 80% or higher to get credit. I do find that pretty impressive.

Oh yes, I do grade occasional essays and study guides. But each student works at their own pace so I never have to grade at home. I can do everything at school. This way I will have more family time, cuz I won’t be coming home late or staying up late to grade.

This job is not challenging. I do not know if I will be happy there, but I do like the extra time I have for family now, so if nothing else, this will work until my son is in 1st or 2nd grade when he would have the same hours as I as a regular teacher.

I do love Apple computers, and I have a brand new one on my desk. You might have seen them, they are the little round bottoms with a long neck and a flat screen that revolves almost 180 degrees. Nice!

The students are using Imacs and those are fun too. Most of the programs are apple compatible, except one called Plato, which requires Windows, SO, some of the Imacs are “unfortunate” enough to have to run occasionally as Virtual PC’s … :(

Hmm.. what am I forgetting? I don’t have a plan period, but there isn’t much need of one. I do want to update a lot of the assignments, and I did manage to order a bunch of new books including Harry Potter to integrate into the classes. (Dr. K – my boss, had quite a bit of money left over. I guess he is really good at that! :)

Ah, if you want some info about the Job Corps that I’m at here is a web page link Flinthills Job Corp


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