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Free Will vs. Cultural Programming: The Matrix Loses

Flickr - Rose1 - Pink Sherbet PhotographyDaikan Basho, Contributing Writer
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Human beings are curious creatures in that they have a most unusual capacity for free will, yet, are so easily manipulated, controlled, and subjugated by other people. Quite a paradox.

The deciding factor between which of these two inherent states one occupies, mental freedom or mental slavery, often has to do with how fully one is able, or chooses, to see through the illusions governing day-to-day life in these interesting times. This is a process commonly called ‘awakening.’ It can be painful and all the while, deeply rewarding.

For example, one may come to understand that our monetary system is engineered to enrich a certain group, while forever condemning a larger group to debt slavery. One may realize that our military is engaged in conflicts for reasons other than directly protecting the American people from harm. One might wonder why the wickedly addictive and deadly drugs, tobacco and alcohol, can be bought legally on every corner, while possession of the natural herb Cannabis can come with time served. Or why our food system largely fails to deliver nourishment. This list goes on; our world begs for review.

An awakening of this kind is often triggered by a commonly experienced, but, chance sequence of events. One has…

  • received or come into contact with some initiation into information outside of the mainstream
  • made a conscious effort to take in and understand this information, rather than avoiding it, pretending it does not exist
  • taken willfull action in using this information as the basis for making fundamental changes in how they live life and relate to society

If one accepts, or buys into, the worldview offered to us by our institutions of government and the media, the dissonance between what one wants to be true and what one senses to be true becomes so great, that one has to subjugate the senses in order to believe in the drama and phoniness written into every level of society. Life makes sense, but has no meaning. The stage is set for great personal and spiritual crisis.

However, if the popular worldview is rejected in favor of critical thinking and intentional disregard for propaganda and for-profit media, then one is faced with the challenge of applying their substantial inherent will power and intention in opposition to this juggernaut of collective self-deception. One finds no choice but to repurpose their personal lives to offer balance to a precariously out of balance world. In this case, few things in life will make sense, yet, life takes on a newly intense and richly beautiful meaning. Something blossoms within, free will is rediscovered, security loses value, and the unknown becomes sacred. A transformation, an improvement, the stoking of an old fire. A life renewed.

Once this veil is pierced, and our illusion-based cultural programming becomes obvious, one faces a great challenge of personal responsibility. How much can one willfully alter their personal trajectory to live a more meaningful and peaceful life? How can one set an example, illuminating an ancient path in these darkening times? The matrix has us, so what are we willing to do about it?

For those who come through this process and grow to understand the world in this way (there are many, and the number is rapidly growing), going back to any former confidence in a popular paradigm is simply not an option. Pursuing personal individuation and psychological excellence becomes the only choice, and the exercise of will power and self-development is the path. Deliberate freedom from cultural programming is the only thing can satisfy the newly awoken spirit. The matrix loses.

Free will is discovered in the inner discovery that the popular outer life is not what it seems. It is then cultivated into something that provides continuous inspiration, re-kindling passion for life in the culture of death.

In this clash between the indomitable natural human will to be free and a cultural program that desensitizes us to our own exploitation, the superior person employs free will in their personal emancipation. No matter how outrageous the world is made to seem, solace and freedom is still to be found for them, along the path of truth.

About the Author

Daikan Basho is a traveling guru of life.  A Yogi, philosopher and eternal student of the martial arts, he searches tirelessly for self-perfection and excellence. Through the physical arts and written word he intends to move the people he comes in contact with toward the realization of a happier, more fulfilled life. Daikan is a contributing writer to WakingTimes.com.

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