• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Freedom Convoy

First live press conference (with no main stream, or legacy media as they call them, only independent media)
Key points:

Turn off legacy media
Freedom Convoy had two battles.
1. Freedom
2. Legacy media and their lies

“We’re doing it because we need change. We need to be unified for the first time, and we need to understand the enemy is not each other, religion or race or culture, that’s not the enemy. We’re all a unified country. The enemy, or the problem, is the political class who are pushing us into serfdom and if you don’t speak up now, and you don’t get engaged, it is not going to end. This is your opportunity. Whether they completely understand or pro-vaccine, or they’re anti-vaccine, that’s not the point. The point is your basic freedoms. And if you want to maintain your basic freedoms, this is the movement that is there for you, the grasp, to help.”

To watch the entire video and read more about it, check out The Counter Signal’s article



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