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Full Moon in Leo and Spiritual Energy

Jan 30, 2010 #emotions, #full moon, #leo
How will the Spiritual Energy of the Full Moon in Leo Affect You?!!!
Any Full Moon is an emotional, high tide time when you can assess where you are emotionally. Whenever the Full Moon is in Leo, the Sun is in Aquarius because the Moon and Sun are always opposite each other at a Full Moon. This Full Moon occurs with a lot of emotional potency with it being in the Sign of Leo and next to the planet Mars. Full Moons constitute a time-period of preparation for the illumination and enlightenment that can manifest when the Sun and Moon stand as equals on either side of the Earth.
Being that the Sun and Moon are always opposite each other during a Full Moon – this time, because Retrograde Mars is currently opposite the Sun, the Moon sits next to Mars, which heats up the emotional atmosphere quite a bit! Leadership, respect for yourself and others, and creativity are leading themes of Leo…so be sure to lead and create, while conducting yourself in an admirable way. Take into account that the current Saturn and Pluto square is also highlighted now (direct aspect on January 31st), which means that it’s time to let go of whatever isn’t working.
We are midway into the Mars Retrograde cycle (went Retrograde on December 20th and turning Direct on March 10th), the Sun and Mars form an opposition during this Full Moon, which means that while the Sun is on one side of the Earth and 180 degrees away, Mars is on the other side. Whenever you think of Mars, think of something heating up. It’s an energized planet that also represents one of the most powerful advocates you could ever have. Nothing is moving quickly right now because of it being in Retrograde, so don’t push — and don’t allow events or people to get you off-track. But do keep an eagle-eye out for anyone on a slow simmer who uses negativity as their fuel.
Emotions will be intensified with the Full Moon in creative Leo. The emotional high tide is in — and in a very energetic Zodiac Sign! Full Moons are known for heightened feelings, and when in super-charged Leo (a Fire Sign ruled by the Sun), it’s time to watch your emotions with others. Plenty of leadership oriented issues mark this period. Energy is high with your emotions on high alert with this particularly energized Full Moon. In the days following the Full Moon but before the next New Moon on February 13th in Aquarius, take the time you need to get back into your comfort zone.
Also happening in the sky right now in the relationship oriented Sign of Libra is another very important astrological event. Saturn turned Retrograde on January 13th and you will feel this energy in fair-minded Libra one way or another. Saturn teaches you life lessons by giving you the ability to grow and persevere, granting you the will to succeed and the strength to accomplish your life tasks. As you learn and grow you are rewarded by Saturn when the lesson or job is done. The energy of Saturn Retrograde is a fairly powerful force and this an excellent time to spiritually utilize this Retrograde potential, to bring projects to completion, and to let go of old problems and issues. By letting go of self-limitations in areas of relationships and finances your future becomes more exciting and clear. While this may not be the best time to launch new projects, it is a fabulous time to start working on your plans – particularly because of the Libra energy entwined with this Saturn Retrograde. The plans you make now, if the foundation you have built is solid, will most likely begin to manifest when Saturn goes direct on May 27th.
Last November 15th, Saturn squared Pluto. Now, with Saturn Retrograde, this serious planet squares intense Pluto yet again on January 31st emphasizing themes that have been in place since last fall. Pay attention to whatever is a central topic in your life right now, because once Saturn is Direct in August this summer, you will see a repeat of this game-changing square. This aspect represents a conflict, a clash of outside world views, and the need to rehabilitate outmoded systems. Release your old vision about the way your outside world life is and the ways things should work. Since the world is changing, you will help yourself by changing right along with it!


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