• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Getting my act together

Jul 27, 2006


First and foremost, I must think about Kevin.

(Thanks to my dear friend Fortuna for knocking me over the head and thanks to Bethie for continuing the pounding once Fortuna was through.. ;)

Anything that happens will happen later and with time.

Once things are good for and with Kevin, then perhaps Michael and I can rebuild our original friendship. That is a simple and good idea that I can live with.

Now. I just need sleep.

(and we won’t even go into how my other friend is taking all this… but he is unhappy and scared and that puts it mildly. He also appears to be reacting rather selfishly. All this shit going on and he is whining about “his” time and how I won’t have time to see him any more and that I won’t even be visiting his apartment.  I don’t think I ever got it through his head that Kevin comes first. Jesus. I don’t need his shit right now.)


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