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Healthy Living – Day 1

Mar 30, 2011

I’ve begun my road towards healthy living! I just needed the motivation and maybe a few people to join me on my journey.

So, my server is having problems and I’m scared to post. This has now been “pending” for nearly a week. It will be a week tomorrow that my blogging stopped in anticipation for a new hard drive. LOL

Was this break for me? Was it a test? Was it a chance for the world to catch up? I don’t know. Either way, I’m gonna go ahead and write this up and then likely try a local down load.

Well, Day one is exercise, mixed with meditation and breathing. Of course, it’s been nearly a year ago that I began doing Yoga on my own. Coincidence? My co-worker had a Yoga for Beginners book that she let me borrow. She just couldn’t get into it, or something. I don’t remember exactly. Either way, another one of those delightful synchronicities that seem to come into my life lately!

So, even if I can’t do a full yoga routine, I will at least attempt the beginning, warm up exercises on a daily basis.

As usual, though, one of the important parts of yoga is to recognize what the body is saying, so there will be days when I’m not up to par, whether from lack of sleep or female issues, or what not, where I will only do basic, simple stretches.

I do know that there is a lot of benefits to exercising. In fact, here is a GREAT link for the benefits of exercise!



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